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Clematis Armandii Group

Origin: Selections and/or hybrids from plants like Clematis armandii, Clematis fasciculiflora, Clematis finetiana, Clematis meyeniana and Clematis uncinata.
Habit: Evergreen climbing. Shoots can grow up to 10 m or more but can easely pruned when space is not available to allow the plant to grow so tall.
Leaf: Ternate or sometimes (palmately) pinnate, rather leathery and large, petioled. Leaflets simple, entire.
Inflorescence: A solitary to few or many flowered dichasial cyme with the terminal flower first to open. On young shoots from the base upwards.
Bracts: Present, sometimes leaflike to simple but usually small.
Flower: Bisexual, 4-7 cm across, upright, bud upright or slightly bending over.
Tepals: 4-6, white to pale purple.
Stamens: Filaments glabrous.
Flowering time: Late winter and spring.
Seed tail: Plumose, seedhead not persistant.
Zone: 9-11 (EU & USDA zones).
Light pruning.
Planting depth: Same level as in the pot, do not plant deeply.
Roots: Fleshy.
Leaves in seedlings: Opposite.

Armandii Group
Armandii Group

ref: Wim Snoeijer (2008) Clematis Cultivar Group Classification with Identifying Key and Diagrams. 

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