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Clematis for bugs / Bee Friendly. 

The gardening trent focus especially on plants that attract insects. In Engeland this trent is called "Plants for Buds" or "Bee Friendly" and several plant lists are available on the internet of plants that attract insects. Unfortunately, Clematis is not on these lists. 

Almost all Clematis attract insects. All flowers that produce pollen are attractive for hoverflies, bumble bees and honey bees. There are also Clematis that produce a sweet liquid at the base of the stamens which atract bumble bees, honey bees and butterflies. 

Top Clematis for honey bees are:
Clematis 'Fascination'
Clematis 'Jan Fopma'
Clematis 'My Angel'

Top Clematis for butterflies are:
Clematis heracleifolia
Clematis 'New Love'
Clematis 'Wyevale'

Insects on Clematis flowers are difficult to catch on camera because they hardly sit still for a moment. Only hoverflies stay quite long, hence we have the most photo's of these. 

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