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Clematis Integrifolia Group

Origin: Cultivars are mainly derived from Clematis integrifolia or related species, for at least one parent.
Habit: Perennial-like, deciduous.
Leaf: Simple, herbaceous, sessile (or more or less so). Leaflet simple, margin entire or sometimes with a lobe.
Inflorescence: A solitary flower, terminal on fully grown shoots first. Sometimes an axillary peduncle will form which may give more flowers than just one per shoot.
Bracts: No bracts because of the simple, sessile leaves.
Flower: Bisexual, campanulate to spreading, nodding, 3-5 cm across, bud nodding.
Tepals: 4, white, red-purple, violet-blue or purple-violet.
Stamens: Filaments hairy.
Flowering time: Summer.
Seed tail: Plumose, seedhead persistant.
Zone: 4-11 (EU & USDA zones).
Hard pruning.
Planting depth: About 2.5 cm deeper as in the pot, so slightly deeper.
Roots: Fleshy.
Leaves in seedlings: Opposite.

Integrifolia Group
Integrifolia Group

ref: Wim Snoeijer (2008) Clematis Cultivar Group Classification with Identifying Key and Diagrams.

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