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Clematis Texensis Group

Origin: Cultivars are mainly derived from Clematis texensis or species belonging to the botanical Subgenus Viorna, for at least one parent, usually crossbred with a Patens Group cultivar.
Habit: Climbing, deciduous.
Leaf: Pinnate, rather leathery, petioled. Leaflets simple or ternate, the terminal leaflets might be reduced, margin entire or lobed.
Inflorescence: Usually solitary or a few flowered dichasial cyme, axillary on young shoots from the base upwards sometimes followed when the shoot is fully grown with one terminal flower. When left unpruned the young shoots in spring will flower with a terminal flower first.
Bracts: Present, leaflike and usually simple.
Flower: Bisexual, urceolate to tulip-shaped becoming more or less spreading later, more or less upright, 4-10 cm across, bud nodding or upright.
Tepals: 4 6, red to red-purple or pale purple, rather thick especially at the base.
Stamens: Filaments hairy or partly hairy.
Flowering time: Late spring and/or late summer into early autumn.
Seed tail: Plumose, seedhead not persistant.
Zone: 7-11 (EU & USDA zones).
Hard pruning.
Planting depth: About 5 cm deeper as in the pot, so slightly deeper.
Roots: Fleshy.
Leaves in seedlings: Opposite.

Texensis Group
Texensis Group

ref: Wim Snoeijer (2008) Clematis Cultivar Group Classification with Identifying Key and Diagrams.

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